BlackCompat is about exploring the enjoying games – new and old – and talking about the importance of representation and inclusion in this space.

Hi and hello from BC Roe and BC Manda. We are two women – who happen to be sisters – that love the entertainment industry.

We are major fans of video game, music, movies, television, and more. We realize however, that those same mediums are not always inclusive, diverse, or depict BIPOC characters in a positive manner – if at all.

We’ve built BlackCompat as a way to explore diversity, inclusion, and representation in these spaces and share with our community the impact representation has had on us as we’ve grown older.

The Schedule

We’ll be streaming live on Twitch – Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s, and Sunday’s.

You’ll be able to catch our podcast there every other Sunday. We’ll be talking about the roles diversity, inclusion, and representation play in gaming, music, movies, and more.

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