Starting at NOT the Beginning

BC Manda Plays | The Last of Us Part II | Part 02

We Made Mistakes

Due to a Twitch error – not in our favor – the first episode of BC Manda’s playthough of Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us Part II” has been lost to us. We get it, initially, Twitch wasn’t our first choice for a home. But, we did NOT think that it would eat our very first stream on the platform.

What this means for you is that BC Manda’s full play through of The Last of Us Part II will start with episode 2, and not with episode 1.

Get Ready for an Emotional Ride

We promise that we will not post any spoilers in our articles about each episode. With that said, this game is quite violent and brutal. We can not stress enough that the game pulls no punches. So, we will do our best however to let you know when an episode is extra brutal. You can avoid the extra brutal episodes if you want, or you can throw things up full screen and engage. The choice will completely be up to you.

Your episode warning this week is as follows: This episodes is extremely brutal.

New Last of Us Part II Episodes Each Week

New episodes of this series will premiere each week on our YouTube channel on Thursday’s. Then on the Tuesday that follows, we’ll post that video here on our website. You could be one of the cool kids and see it “first” – if you missed the original stream on Twitch – if you subscribe to our YouTube channel. Just saying.

We had an absolutely amazing time exploring this game. The themes, environments, characters and stories resonated with us so deeply. We hope that it will resonate just as deeply with you.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is BC Manda’s play through of the game over the next few weeks.


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