Toxicity in the Games Industry

Yes, I Have Some Thoughts On This

Recently I was invited to participate in a panel on Twitch as the co-host of the Tribunal Podcast. This moderated panel focused on toxicity in content creation on Twitch. After the panel ended there were still many thoughts running through my mind and weighing heavily on my heart. I needed to talk about it.

The Aftermath of Toxicity

I was joined by content creators and streamers Zombaekills and Negaoryx on the panel. And the panel was moderated and hosted by the Take This! organization. The conversation focused on lived-in experiences, tools, and solutions that could help streamers and content creators within marginalized communities. These communities are often minimally considered – or not considered at all – when it comes to solving for harassment and toxicity online.

In this video I share more of my experiences in the video game industry that have been harmful. While there are many questions on how we can fix the issues that exist today, I believe it is possible to fix them. Faithfully, I trust that the video game community is more positive and caring. I have seen this empathy and kindness many times.

I believe that conversation leads to understanding. Understanding leads to empathy. Empathy leads to kindness and respect.

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BlackCompat Roe

Co-Founder, podcast co-host, and Mixer Streamer for BlackCompat. Roe has been a gamer for most of her life, and co-founded the longest running video game podcast founded and hosted by African American women, the ESHcast.