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Episode 01

First, let’s begin with the inaugural episode of the TRIBUNAL. Podcast hosts Roe and Manda speak truth to power regarding Black Lives Matter, racism in America, and much more.

Black Lives Matter

We work to dispel some myths about Black Lives Matter (a.k.a. “BLM”) going beyond the hashtag. From the history of the organization, its importance to its relevance today. Finally, we touch on the impact of the organization in America today.

Then, we each share their reactions to the murders of several unarmed Black people in recent days. Each host shares some of their personal experiences with racism and sexism with a hopeful eye towards the future.

From ESH to Black Compat

We begin the episode introducing ourselves and our respective backgrounds. In this episode the hosts explain their history within the entertainment industry, starting with their past experience as audio podcast hosts. For nearly 13 years, the ladies hosted the acclaimed audio podcast, “The ESHcast“. In addition, they wrote for the video game outlet ElectricSistaHood.

So if you’re ready for a vulnerable and honest conversation about Black Lives Matter, this episode is a must-watch.

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BlackCompat Roe

Co-Founder, podcast co-host, and Mixer Streamer for BlackCompat. Roe has been a gamer for most of her life, and co-founded the longest running video game podcast founded and hosted by African American women, the ESHcast.