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Episode 02

In this episode of the TRIBUNAL we talk about representation through the lens of character creation in video games.

Character Creation

Character creation in video games can be fun. It can be a place where your imagination can run free. You can build your ideal superhero or villain. You can create a fantasy character and explore a world completely different from your reality. It can also be a place where you create something that is a close representation of yourself. But if your reflection is something other than the European standard of beauty, character creation can be disappointing.

In this episode we explore positive and negative experiences we’ve had with various character creators. We focus on games where we wanted to make characters that looked like us. We talk about games like Bloodborne and Mass Effect, and then go on to games like Sunset Overdrive and others.

Be Advised

We begin the episode talking about the murder of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, GA. It is important to note that at the time we recorded this episode no arrests had been made or charges filed in his case.

With all that said, we hope you enjoy the episode.

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BlackCompat Roe

Co-Founder, podcast co-host, and Mixer Streamer for BlackCompat. Roe has been a gamer for most of her life, and co-founded the longest running video game podcast founded and hosted by African American women, the ESHcast.